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Praise for Red Platoon by Clinton Romesha “Red Platoon is riveting. Like many who were in either Iraq, Afghanistan, or both, I often read books about the wars reluctantly, because it is hard to capture the essence of the experience. In my view Red Platoon is a brilliant book. Had Clint Romesha depicted the soldiers at Keating as a collection of steely-eyed warriors, their feat would have been impressive. Because he captures the reality of a collection of personalities as diverse as America itself, their courage is truly inspiring.” — General Stanley McChrystal, U.S. Army, Retired
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Now from the pen of Medal of Honor recipient Clinton Romesha comes the only comprehensive, first-hand account of the 14-hour firefight at the Battle of Keating

In 2009, Clinton Romesha of Red Platoon and the rest of the Black Knight Troop were shutting down COP Keating, the most remote and inaccessible in a string of U.S. bases built in hope of preventing Taliban insurgents from moving freely between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Army had finally conceded what soldiers on the ground had known immediately: it was simply too isolated and too dangerous to defend.

After years of constant attacks, the Taliban finally decided to throw everything they had at Keating on October 3, 2009. The ensuing 14-hour battle—and eventual victory—cost eight men their lives.

Red Platoon is the riveting account of the battle, told by Romesha, who spearheaded both the defense of the outpost and the successful counter-attack, and received the Medal of Honor for his actions.

Praise for Red Platoon by Clinton Romesha “I read the first half of Red Platoon in one sitting and that night had such intense combat dreams that I actually thought twice about picking the book up again. In addition to being a superb soldier, Romesha is an utterly irresistible writer. I'm completely overwhelmed by what he has done with this book. The assault on Camp Keating is a vitally important story that needs to be understood by the public, and I cannot imagine an account that does it better justice that Romesha’s.” — Sebastian Junger, journalist and author of The Perfect Storm
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