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Praise for Does Santa Exist? A Philosophical Investigation

“Kaplan's investigation into the ontology of Santa Claus is erudite, readable and exceedingly funny.”
— Kirkus Reviews
“Eric Kaplan's Does Santa Exist? is the funniest book of philosophy since...well, ever.”
— Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons and Futurama and author of Life in Hell
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A Philosophical Investigation
by Eric Kaplan

Metaphysics isn’t ordinarily much of a laughing matter. But in the hands of acclaimed comedy writer and scholar Eric Kaplan, a search for the truth about old St. Nick becomes a deeply insightful, laugh-out-loud discussion of the way some things exist but may not really be there. Just like Santa and his reindeer.

Even after we outgrow the jolly fellow, the essential paradox persists: There are some things we dearly believe in that are not universally acknowledged as real. In Does Santa Exist? Kaplan shows how philosophy giants Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein strove to smooth over this uncomfortable meeting of the real and unreal — and failed. From there he turns to mysticism’s attempts to resolve such paradoxes, surveying Buddhism, Taoism, early Christianity, Theosophy, and even the philosophers at UC Berkeley under whom he studied. Finally, this brilliant comic writer alights on — surprise — comedy as the ultimate resolution of the fundamental paradoxes of life, using examples from The Big Bang Theory, Monty Python’s cheese shop sketch, and many other pop-culture sources.

Finally Kaplan delves deeper into what this means, from how our physical brains work to his own personal confrontations with life’s biggest questions: If we’re all going to die, what’s the point of anything? What is a perfect moment? What can you say about God? Or Santa?

“Kaplan's deadpan style lets you read this as a serious philosophical treatise — but you can also take it as a well-done farce.” — New York Post
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